What We Do

Onoffice environmental architecture is a dynamic firm based in Athens, Greece that undertakes architectural projects from its initial concept through construction. Areas of expertise range from housing to urban design and private development planning and from interior design to open spaces and educational facilities.
Onoffice incorporates principles of sustainable architecture through the first steps of each project, practices environmentally responsible design and suggests solutions that save energy during construction and maintenance. Clientele includes government and municipal agencies, private corporations, real estate developers and private clients. Combining experience and expertise of its principles, collaborators and consultants, Onoffice provides high quality design, presentation and communication services.


Dimitris Antoniou

Architect NTUA, MA, MRE, Int’l Assoc. AIA

Architect NTU of Athens (1989). Master of Architecture in the Urban Landscape, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1991). Master of Science in Real Estate Development and Valuation, Neapolis University Pafos (2017). Junior Designer (Athens, Los Angeles, 1983-1992). Set Designer, MCA/Universal Studios Hollywood (1992 – 93). Member of “Theros Architecture” (1994-1998). Chief designer of a variety of projects (houses, cinemas, theaters, industrial and commercial facilities). Collaborator, Kisho Kurokawa Assoc., (Embassy of Japan, Athens, 2003). Three first, two fourth prizes and four commendations in architectural competitions. Commendation in European Competition “Zephyr–Passive Cooling Techniques” (1994). PhD candidate scholarship. (1997). Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Building Technology at Dept. of Architecture, University of Patras (2001-2004, 2009-2011), elected as tenure-track Assistant Professor (2010), and Democritus University (2005-2006). Visiting Lecturer, DCG (Drury Center in Greece), Dept. of Architecture, Drury University, Mo., U.S.A., 2006-2007. Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Building Technology at Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus (2011-2014). Assistant Professor of Architectural Design and Building Technology at Dept. of Architecture, University of Patras (2014-today). He has participated in thesis and project review committees at several universities and has been supervising architectural workshops in Greece and Cyprus. His projects, articles and book contributions, have been published. Co-founder, with Eleni Katsoufi, “ONOFFICE environmental architecture” in Athens (1998-today). Member of Do.Co.Mo.Mo., Technical Chamber of Greece, Technical Chamber of Cyprus, Architectural Associations in Greece and Cyprus, Member of ULI (Urban Land Institute) and Int’l Associate AIA (American Institute of Architects)

Eleni Katsoufi

Architect NTUA, MA USC

Graduated from the Architecture School of the National Technical University of Athens, in 1992. Received a Master of Architecture from the University of Southern California in 1994, where she held a scholarship and a teaching assistantship for two years. Worked as an intern at the offices of A. Zannos, D. Molfesis, and T. Papaioannou-D. Isaias-G. Makris and as a junior architect at Panos Koulermos Studio where she participated in urban design, architecture and research projects in Los Angeles. Founding member of “Kivos 4 Architecture and Urbanism” between 1995-1998. Chief designer in a variety of public and private projects dealing with urbanism and landscape. Collaboration with Kisho Kurokawa & Associates for the Embassy of Japan in Greece (2003). Work has been published in websites, magazines and books, participated in several group architectural exhibitions. One first prize, two second prizes as a student and tree commendations in European Architectural competitions. Adjunct professor for Hammons School of Architecture, Drury University, Springfield Mo and the Drury Center in Greece (2009-today). Co-founder, with Dimitris Antoniou, of “ONOFFICE environmental architecture” private practice in Athens (1998-today).
First Prize. Germanina Estate and Park, Geroskipou, Cyprus.
European Competition. Collaboration: M. Dimitroglou, P. Leventis, M. Aggelaki
Honorable Mention. Pallourokampos Park, Latsia, Cyprus.
European Competition.Collaboration: M. Dimitroglou, M. Damianou, P. Leventis.
Honorable Mention. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.
Ideas for the uses of plantation on roofs and facades and pilot applications.
Honorable Mention. Urban park on block 106, Filothei, Athens.
National competition.
Honorable Mention. Zefyri Cultural Center, Athens.
National Competition. Collaboration: Theros Architecture.
4th Prize. Administration Center and Restaurant for Fine Arts School, Athens. National Competition. Collaboration: Theros Architecture.
Honorable Mention. Passive Cooling Techniques in Building Design.
European Competition Zephyr. Collaboration: S. Tsiraki, G. Christofilis
1st Prize. Elinoil Petroleum S.A. Prototype Gas Station for the Greek Islands.
National Competition. Collaboration: B. Yannoutsou, T. Biris.
2nd Prize. New Archeological Museum of Patras. National Competition.
Design team: D. Isaias, T. Papaioannou, G. Makris.
2nd Prize. Kalyvia Cultural Center, Attica. National Competition.
Design team: N. Goulias, Ergon ltd.
4th Prize. New Municipality Building, Loutraki, Peloponesse.
Collaboration: C. Govetta
1st Prize. Ministry of Environment and Public Works. Ideas for Prototype houses.
Collaboration: B. Yannoutsou, K. Grigoratos, K. Vrettou, Prof. D. Biris.
Space and the Architecture of Compassion. Kakogiannis Foundation.
Kenya Project. Professor of Architecture students from the University of Patras.
Health in the City. Professor of Architecture students from Drury University.
8th National Architecture Exhibition. Architect’s Association in Patras.
Germanina Estate and Park, Thematic Archeological Museum.
DOMES INDEX international discourse platform. Selection of 100 buildings of the last 70 years for the Neohellenic Architectural Archive. School Complex in Xanthi.
Imagine the City, Aegina. Urban Park at the Edge of Town.
Instructor of Architecture students from Drury University.
6th Biennale of Greek Architects. Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Athens.
School Complex in the city of Xanthi, Greece
META 5th Architecture Exhibition by the Architect’s Association in Thessaloniki.
Passive Solar House in the Historic Center of Xanthi, Greece.
3rd Triennale of Architecture, Center for Mediterranean Architecture, Chania, Crete. Street and Pedestrian network in the traditional village of Archanes, Crete.
Village was awarded with second prize in EU for its well preserved historic fabric.
3rd Sustainable Development Solutions Network Mediterranean Conference.
Participation. UN SDSN Greece.
11th Conference of Greek Architects, Athens. Speaker.
Thematic Circle: Politics for Architecture in Greece.
Paper Title: “Restrictions (?) in Urban Design in Greek Cities today”
3rd International Symposium of RE+D Publication: Investment Opportunities in Greece. Speaker and moderator of panel: Urban Regeneration – Setting up the green debate
3rd Scientific meeting of Do.Co.Mo.Mo. (Documentation and Conservation of
buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement).
Paper Title: “A hypothesis for the teaching of the Modern today”
Bioclimatic Architecture in office buildings. Participation.
European Renewable Energy Centers Agency, UIA, Greek Technical Chamber
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